Matt Venus - Guitar & Vocals

Mail: Guys Live

Matt began playing the guitar at age 13 influenced largely by his father. He quickly became fascinated by the styles of Eddy VanHalen, Randy Rhoads, and Steve Vai and began devoting many hours a day to the instrument. A few years after starting himself he began teaching guitar at a local music shop in Grove City and ultimately made the decision to play for a living at age 19. Since then he has had the opportunity to teach and play with many of Columbus Ohio’s top cover bands. At some point in the mid 90’s he met and became band mates with current TGL bass player, Rick Anderson, when both supported such local Ohio talent as Donna Mogavero and Mimi Rousseau.  

“I’m so lucky in that it seems like I’ve gotten to play with just about everyone. Ironically, I never felt like I ever had the opportunity to truly play what I wanted; which was the iconic, guitar driven, Hard Rock songs from the 80’s. As a side man I was always kind of at the mercy of whomever I was working for song selection wise and it always seemed to be the exact opposite of what I wanted, ha! When I became aware of These Guys Live and what they were playing, and the level they were attempting to do it on, I was a fan instantly. I followed the band quietly on Facebook for the better half of a year. At one point, I honestly commented to my wife that if ever I had the chance to play with that band, I would absolutely jump at the opportunity. Well, unbelievably, I got my chance…and I jumped.”

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